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The Creative


Hey, I’m Angie! 

I’m a writer, creative artist and interior stylist.

I took an old, run-down building and transformed it into a light, bright, open space. Through that process I realized my deep love for design and gift for transforming space.

I learned that the spaces we inhabit are a reflection of who we are or who we want to become.

It's about more than a paint colour and throw pillows. Your space can bring your creativity to life. It can improve your mood. It can hold you in quiet moments. It can encourage you to be bold in your life and take up the necessary space.

I have the innate ability to walk into a space and see what’s possible and I want to do that for you. 


The Space.


When you walk in the door I want you to feel inspired.

Otherwise Creative is a design studio. It’s a space open to collaboration and iteration. It’s a photography space, a podcast studio space, an art class space, and a maker space. It’s a meeting space for like-minded souls to come together for events. It’s also a styling space that reflects the completion of the biggest design project I’ve had yet. It’s a space to create.


"Create the space and a bigger life happens."

Alysia Reiner

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