Making subtle design changes to your home and work space can make a huge difference.


Taking up room in your home is a metaphor for how you take up space in your life.


The space that you live in and work in affects how you feel. How do you feel when you walk in each day?


I'm a writer, a mom, a wife and a creative artist. From a young age I was filling the pages of my diary about my life and painting my bedroom walls bright colours. I have always had the innate ability to see something come together before it's formed.

In my former life I was a communications and marketing professional in higher education for almost 20 years. I oversaw huge marketing, graphic design, video, photography and website projects and wrote copy for print, web and social media. I learned SO much about myself and my love for creating.

Otherwise Creative was birthed through the complete renovation of an old event space that needed more light, a striped down ceiling (exposing what was really underneath) and the chance to be more expansive than it ever has been AND somewhere along that journey, I realized I needed those things too.


I can help you design a room that you love.


Redesigning a 4,000 square foot space in a run down building created a design spark in me that had always been there.

Walking into that space and seeing what *could* be took vision. 

I have been in design spaces for most of my career. Whether it was managing marketing projects or art directing photo shoots, I have an eye for design.

And now I'm pulling together all of my experience to offer styling services.

In just four separate sessions, I'll help you pull together the room of your dreams.

We'll talk about where you are at in your life, how you want to feel when you walk into your space and what your style inspiration is.

We'll look at what you already own (and love) and figure out how to incorporate those pieces. 

During our sessions, we'll dive deep into your style inspiration to uncover what parts of you want to show up in your space.

When we are done working together, you'll know exactly what you need to bring your space together. 

Creating space in your home can be a fun and easy process. Step into the next version of yourself surrounded by a space that inspires your next iteration.