Our homes are the containers of our dreams. I want you to take up space in your home and in your life. Let me help you hone in on what is already there waiting to be discovered. 

It's about more than curating sacred space, it's about you.

I still remember the purple paint and the sun and moon border on my walls as a teenager. I put my heart and soul into making that room special when the world around me was chaotic. I learned from an early age how carving out sacred space just for me, affected my mood and my energy.

Since that time, I have designed spaces in my home, in my writing studio, in my friend's homes and now in a 4,000 square foot event space.

I'm combining over 20 years of marketing experience overseeing graphic design projects, magazine layouts, feature writing and countless creative projects to hone in on creating a room in your home, just for you.

And that's not all...

I'm also bringing in the hours spent in yoga and shamanic training, years of leading women through intuitive writing workshops and retreats to support my design process with a deep foundation of intentionality and sacredness.

Why? Because I know the power of a great space.

I believe that everyone is inherently creative but it's not easy for everyone to pull a room together or hone in on personal style and bring it all together.

I have vision. I can walk into your space and immediately see what needs to happen in order to create visual ease. I can adapt, reconfigure and redesign in an instant which is why I'm here.

I help women Make Room in their lives and in their homes for creativity. For inspiration. For their next bold move. To write the book. To claim the next iteration of themselves. To sleep well. To breathe deeply.

Our space is the container of our dreams. That's how important it is.

So, together, we pick the paint colours and the new sofa and curate the art, yes. AND we also consider how you want to FEEL. What you are going to CREATE in the space and what's NEXT for you.

We get clear on intention. We create a plan. Then we bring it all together.


It’s time for you to take up space in your home and in your life.




Let’s MAKE ROOM together

Make Room is a four session styling process to help you breathe new life into your space. We look at all aspects of the person you are today and reflect them back in one of the rooms in your home.

Make room for: growth, expansion, fresh energy and create space for YOU.

If you’re ready to bring fresh energy into a room that reflects more of who you are in this season of your life,  MAKE ROOM is for you.

In four one hour Zoom or in-person sessions, I'll help you create a vision for your space. We’ll take inspiration from the most unexpected places.


I'll get to know you and your space. We'll do a deep dive into where you are at in your life and look at your space through an intuitive process. 


I'll get to know your style. What colours do you love? What textures are you drawn to? We'll create a mood board and use it as our jumping off point.


I'll look at what you currently have in your home that you love and we will decide what stays and what goes. Together we'll make room for what's next in your space.


I have a plan for you. We'll look at the custom plan I've created for your space and how you will execute the next steps.


Hi, I'm Angie,

I'm an interior stylist that uses my background in marketing, intuitive writing and project management to help you bring your vision for a space together. I use all of my skills and tools together to help you create your dream room.

I took an old run down building and transformed it into a light, bright, open space and through that process I learned a lot about myself.

I learned that the spaces we inhabit are a reflection of who we are or who we want to become. It's about more than a paint colour and some throw pillows.

Your space can bring your creativity to life. It can improve your mood. It can hold you in quiet moments. It can encourage you to be bold in your life and take up the necessary space. 

We find out where you are in your life.

We get clear on your style.

We create a plan.

Then we bring it all together.



"I moved into a large house and had no idea where to start. Angie guided me through her process and put my mind at ease. She has an innate sense of design and helped me make decisions about what to keep and what I needed to buy to complete the room, while keeping in mind my own personal taste. Angie is a talented stylist and I highly recommend her."


Sarah Phelps, Artist


You've experienced a change in your life and you are ready to live or work in a space that feels inspiring every time you walk into it. A space that feels more like the you you are today.

Is it your home office that you walk into every morning that feels nondescript with it's white walls and sparse furnishings? 

Are you are an empty-nester and you have a room in your home that you want to make your yoga and meditation room but don't know where to start?

Are you struggling with finding your style or making decisions on wall colour or art work?

Have you've settled for a corner in your basement too long and you are looking to reclaim the spare bedroom upstairs that's flooded with light as your own?

I can help you MAKE ROOM for yourself.



Book a call with Angie to see if MAKE ROOM is right for you. 

Make Room



  • Four styling sessions done through Zoom 
  • A room review to decide what stays and what goes
  • A mood board for your room 
  • A plan for executing the design
  • Detailed notes from our session to identify themes
  • Voxer shopping support

Make Room



  • Four stylings sessions done in person
  • Three sessions in your space
  • A final creative session at Otherwise Creative studio to review the plan
  • A mood board for the space
  • Detailed notes to identify style themes
  • A detailed plan for next steps in executing the design
  • Voxer shopping support

Additional Styling Services 

Looking for more traditional design support? Renovating a bathroom and in need of support with finishes? Need help with managing a small renovation?

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